TransformerCase T10 MLX

Charge Only! for up to 10 devices via Power Sockets


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Articlenumber: 49TC10MLXG2-B

Product details

  • Integrated power sockets (1x 10-way) for devices with Power adapters

  • Charge Only! for up to 10 devices simultaneously (even in closed mode)

  • Trolleysystem + extractable and replaceable handle with built-in fuse

  • 2 side handles and 1 handle in the front lid

  • All handles are recessed and thus protected from damage

  • 2 wheels (built in) with underbody slide system

  • Active ventilation system (max. noise emission 31dBA, air capacity: 39m³ / h)

  • Labelling option for individual identification of the cases

  • Foam can be completely individually designed and replaced at any time

Technical Specs

  • Dimensions (W/H/D): 350 x 620 x 520mm

  • Weight: 14,6 Kg

  • Power Supply: On/off switch

  • Safety: completely lockable with 2 padlocks

  • Cooling: active ventilation system

  • Material: Polypropylene and glass fibre composite

  • Made in Germany

  • 1 year manufacturer warranty


  • extra 230V connection for Accesspoint + RJ45 connector

  • combination lock from ABUS


Maximum Device-Size (10 devices)

Tablets / Laptops bis 15"


Free Foam service!
You tell us which devices you want to carry, and we will make your own individual case for you at no additional cost, 100% custom-fit for each tablet, accessories and case.

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